What to Wear to Diner en Blanc in Philadelphia

IMG_diner en blanc-philadelphia-all-white-kate-spade-handbag-jbrand-jeans-white-crop-top-philly-blogger IMG_diner-en-blanc-philadelphia-all-white-kate-spade-handbag-jbrand-jeans-white-crop-top-philly-blogger

My friend recently asked me for recommendations on what to wear to Diner en Blanc in Philadelphia since her and her husband are going in August. I thought it would be fun to turn my favorite white outfits into a blog post since I love the look of all white (before or after labor day).

If you haven’t heard of Diner en Blanc, it’s a gathering at a secret location where thousands of people dressed in white, meet and share a gourmet dinner with friends. Philadelphia has been one of the participating cities for years now and the number of attendees has grown each year.

Since it’s a secret event, communication surrounding Diner en Blanc is via a website and social media.  The day of the event, the location is revealed to the thousands of people waiting to find out and guests gather, wearing only white. How fun is that? And also slightly stressful, because what do you wear?? Keep reading for my suggestions. 🙂

I love learning about the history behind major events like this one so I did a bit of research. Diner en Blanc originally started in Paris in 1988 when François Pasquier hosted a picnic with a group of friends. He asked everyone to wear white so they could be easily recognizable. Every year, the event is held in a different site, some of which include the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysées, Le Louvre Pyramid and the Château de Versailles. The original Paris location now gathers over 10,000 guests every year.

The event has spread beyond Paris and is now coordinated by local hosts and volunteers in each participating city. The Philadelphia version is the second largest in the U.S. and the fourth largest in the world. Some of the previous Philly locations include the art museum, Logan Circle and the Navy Yard. The most amazing part to me is that it’s a word-of-mouth event, aided by the power of social media. No one knows the location of this year’s event but my guess is that it will be the Schmidt’s Commons, formerly known as the Piazza. 🙂 Any guesses?

Here are my top all-white looks. I created separate lists for maxi, midi and mini dresses, tops, and pants and skirts so you can easily find the perfect outfit depending on what you prefer. There are SO many good options. My personal favorite is the Reformation Pepper dress. I recommend buying your favorites in advance so you can try them on and have everything set. I’ve been excited about many white dress purchases in the past, only to find out that they’re completely transparent! So buy now and you can always return later. If you’re going this August, comment below on what you plan on wearing! xo, Tanya

Outfit: Top: Merritt Charles via Revolve (Another version here and here| Denim: J Brand | Heels: Steve Madden | Bag: Kate Spade (on sale!)

Maxi dresses:

Midi dresses:

Mini dresses:



Pants and Skirts:

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