Date Night in Philadelphia

When J and I first got married (11 years ago!), it was his idea to start a weekly date night. He said that our lives would get more complicated with more responsibilities but we have to always prioritize us as a couple. Since then, we’ve been doing date night together on Friday nights. We’re each juggling our individual and family responsibilities but at least once a week, we give ourselves time to sit down and simply have a conversation with no interruptions or negotiations for more screen time. There are times when we skip a few weeks in a row and prioritize other things going on in our lives and I can tell you that in those instances, we both feel disconnected. This one minor thing has helped keep our marriage healthy and it’s something fun to look forward to at the end of the week. Also, this may sound silly but once in a while, we meet at the restaurant instead of going together and there’s just something about it. If you know, you know. 🙂

One thing I find my introverted side craving often is a quiet night at home, just the two of us. During the height of the pandemic when we had two kids and a newborn at home, we put our kids to bed and had dinner at home. It was perfect. I think we were just grateful for the silence!

If your date night involves going out, this city has endless options and the food scene is on another level. In the past 11 years we’ve spent in the city, we have discovered some incredible restaurants. If you’re looking for your next date night spot in Philadelphia, here are some of our favorites below. This post has specific recommendations in Fishtown and Northern Liberties.

What to Wear & What to Eat

What to Wear: I’ve posted this velvet slip dress before because but it’s my go to and one of my best finds (I saw it on sale at Nordstrom Rack years ago). You can browse through other outfit options here and here are some outfits I recently posted from a local boutique in Fishtown, Naaz.

Where to Eat: Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, Tomo Sushi, Royal Izakaya, Añejo, Oyster House, Vernick Fish, Louie Louie. These are some of our favorite restaurants in Fishtown & Northern Liberties.

Photo by Kate Zunski

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