8 Ways to Spring To Life With Color

blogcolorredlipsSpring is here and it’s your chance to feel recharged and ready for what the rest of the year has to offer. If you are bored with your standard dark winter colors, now is a great time to revitalize your wardrobe and add key pieces of color.  Though neutrals are a staple of every wardrobe, color adds energy and  glamour to how you present yourself.  As the temperature rises, expect brighter and bolder colors that brighten up your outfit and invigorate your mood.  You can still continue to wear the traditional darker colors, however by throwing in a vibrant hue, you can add a fresh and animated perspective.  You can also play up your best feature by placing bright colors right next to it.

This post will offer some ideas to help inspire you to create a look that is both ready for spring and reflects the best part of you. Remember that your clothes don’t always need to match perfectly.  By choosing one key piece of your outfit to add color, you don’t need to fear that your look is too loud or attention grabbing. Don’t be afraid to test things out and try new looks.  Read on for tips on choosing that one stylish asset that will help you spring to life with color!



I love a fabulous blazer, color or no color. It feels fresh and fashion-forward and is a fantastic transition piece between seasons.  I typically go with black but red complements a beige top and black pants well and is work appropriate!  Other nice colors are hot or light pink, navy blue, grey, and green.  You can also add contrast to black and white looks by adding a colored blazer in colors such as yellow or red.  Some colors and prints go very well together such as a yellow blazer and leopard blouse.  Have fun with this sophisticated trend!  The key is to keep it simple to not appear too loud.  You can rock your blazer with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans with some nice pointy toed heels for a basic yet chic look, my standard weekend look.


Whether you wear them with jeans or a sheath dress, brightly colored shoes add the finishing touch to your outfit and can really make it pop.  I’ve done a dark denim skinny jean with a white top and red stilettos before for a casual look that is a step up from the typical jeans and t-shirt look. You can also add red stilettos to an all black professional work outfit that includes black pants and a dark blouse. Of course, it doesn’t just have to be red! It’s so easy to find flats now that come in a variety of fun colors, such as mint green or neon pink. Pair them with white jeans and a beige blazer and you have a look that can work for the weekend or workday.  Recently, I paired turquoise sandals from Zara with white skinny jeans and a black loose-fitted blouse for a clean spring look that has a small but impactful burst of color.


Yes, your purse often serves a practical purpose but it can also complicate a simple look.  I prefer a big black or beige handbag for everyday but when I’m going out, I like to add a brightly colored clutch to add that bold pop of color to my outfit.  A fun print or loud color can add a fun, playful tone to your look and can be the one key piece that balances out the rest of your attire. The outfit to the right is head to toe neutral yet the neon pink clutch screams confidence, springtime, and a carefree attitude.

Jeans and Pants


Jeans have come a long way since your typical blue denim bell-bottoms.  Plain denim is so versatile but it can get monotonous.  Skinny jeans come in a variety of bright colors, such as mint green, scarlet red, cobalt blue, hot pink, and many more great options.  Combined with a neutral belt and top, jeans can be the color focal point of your outfit for an overall seamless balance of color and style.  This color choice definitely takes up more surface area than bright shoes or accessories but mixed with the right complementary clothes, you can achieve a fun and fashionable warm weather look.



Adding a gold or silver belt to a sheath dress or a loose blouse can revitalize a monotone outfit.  This is a small addition but can really go a long way.  I have a thin red belt that I pair with a black sheath dress to add color to an otherwise plain outfit.  A gold or silver (I prefer gold!) belt is a great way to add shape to a shapeless chiffon top and create a more slender frame.  You can also try complementing bright colors, such as a royal blue blouse with a red belt or white jeans with a turquoise belt or even a leopard belt with a yellow top.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside the ‘must match at all times’ box.

Lipstick or Nail Polishblogcolornails2

A bright red lip adds a flirty vibe to your look and can easily add color and sophistication to a casual outfit, such as jeans and a white t-shirt!  For example, last weekend we visited some friends in DC and I wore a white t-shirt with medium wash skinny jeans, a black boyfriend blazer and red lips.  The lipstick was a small dose of color but really pulled everything together. Though a red lip can be fun and sexy, it’s not always safe for work depending on the environment.  In that case, use a bright nail polish such as coral or mint green to add some flair to an otherwise professional look.



Spring is a great time to experiment with different skirt styles.  Whether you choose a pencil skirt or a skirt of the fit and flare variety, a rich color like royal blue or red will allow you to exert your confidence while still adding a feminine touch. I like to pair a colorful skirt with a neutral blouse and shoes in nude or black.


A scarf in a flattering color or print can add maximum impact since it lies so close to your eyes.  Use Google or YouTube to find out different ways to tie a scarf and get some inspiration for new looks.  Some vibrant hues I love include turquoise, red, pink and yellow.  Make sure to pick one standout piece and keep the rest of your outfit simple.

This is a great time to be empowered to try new things and experiment until you find something you can make your own.  The point is for you to feel confident in how you present yourself and remain stylish at the same time!  Which of these looks have you tried so far?

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