28 Reasons I Love my Dad on Our 28th Father's Day Together


1. He knows who I was, who I am, and who I want to be

2. He was the first man I ever loved

3. He’s fiercely loyal to his family

4. He always picks up his phone

5. His jokes always make people laugh and think and his smile lights up the room

6. He made me take a drive with him in the middle of the night after my first painful heartbreak and things started to feel like they would be okay

7. He taught me to hold myself to the highest standard

8. Nothing is more important to him than our family

9. He bought a case of Moulin Rouge wine for my Moulin Rouge-themed bridal shower and is saving the remaining bottles for a special occasion


10. He taught me what it means to go at something full force and and instilled a deep motivation in me to always be better

11. He plans the best vacations

12. He’s one of the most trustworthy people I’ve ever known

13. He can tell something is wrong by the sound of my voice

14. He gives the best bear hugs

15. He says I Love You 20 times a day

16. He is extremely worldly and knows something about everything

17. He’s one of the strongest men I know

18. He showed me what it’s like to have a strong marriage


19. He is incredibly smart when it comes to saving money

20. He loves my grandparents and checks in with them several times a day

21. He loves a good April Fools Joke and always surprises everyone when they least expect it

22. He gives great advice professionally and personally

23. He works to live and does not live to work

24. I know he’s going to be a wonderful grandpa to our daughter and he’s already thinking about everything he’s going to teach her


25. He loves school supplies and collecting things as much as I do

26. He went wedding dress shopping with my mom and me in NYC, which included numerous stops and dresses

27. He updates my navigation system every time I see him to make sure I have all of the most recent maps when driving

28. He is a protector and always makes everyone around him feel safe


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