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work bags

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When you’re looking for a work bag, it can be difficult to find just the right one you have pictured in your mind. These are some of my favorite bags, which range from a classic black tote like number 3 to a fun diamond pattern like number 4. One of my main requirements is that it has to be big enough to hold my laptop so I don’t need to carry around my laptop bag in addition to my regular handbag. I also like for there to be pockets, either on the inside or outside so I can easily reach my phone or car keys.

Lastly, I want a bag that is sturdy and structured so it lasts a while. I wear my work bag almost every day so it’s important that it’s not only stylish but functional as well. I hope this post gives you some inspiration in case you’re looking for your next work bag! xo, Tanya


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