The Sunday Edit // 2.16.20

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Happy Sunday! I’m 33 weeks pregnant now and everything is feeling very real. I haven’t been preparing much, or really at all, regarding getting things for the baby. However, I have been highly motivated to address various home organization projects in our home. From our pantry to our bathroom and quite literally under the kitchen sink, I finally have the drive to organize high traffic areas of our home. I included some of the organizational tools we’ve been using below in case you’re also motivated to tackle some long-delayed projects.

On a side note, this is one of my favorite photos on the blog, taken by the lovely Alex Ashman. There’s just something about it. It’s playful, feminine and truly just a fun moment. Keep reading for fun links around the web. Have a great week!

The Sunday Edit

Why do women carry big purses and men can get away with a wallet?

How COVID-19 kills – the new coronavirus disease can take a deadly turn.

The coronavirus outbreak exposes the U.S.’s Pharma supply chain vulnerability. “The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission echoed Woodcock’s worries. In its 2019 report to Congress, the commission revealed ‘serious deficiencies in health and safety standards in China’s pharmaceutical sector.’ The commission found a poorly regulated industry enabled by Beijing’s refusal to cooperate with routine FDA inspections. This stonewalling, coupled with the small number of FDA inspectors in the country to oversee a large number of producers and outright fraud perpetrated by Chinese manufacturers, is a recipe for disaster.”

Marielle Heller is the director of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. She shares how she learned to truly listen to children and how she fought to get into film. “I used to fill in answers for my kid. What do you want for lunch? A quesadilla? A sandwich? How are you feeling? Sad? Upset? But if you give kids space to answer for themselves, you’ll be surprised by what they say. Feeling comfortable with silences can allow for more honest conversations.”

These booties have a low heel and lovely snake print to add that finishing edge to your outfit.

New York Fashion Week street style day 5 and how these women stay chic in the rain. I need some tips.

I’ve been organizing various area of our house (I guess this is what they call nesting) and found some great inspiration from The Container Store ‘Projects and Inspiration’ section. You can view each home organization project and shop the various organizational tools that were used. I organized the area under our kitchen sink, which was a mess for years, using this sliding organizer and this divided tote. Everything has its own place now and the area doesn’t feel like a large collection of random cleaning products. I especially love how the first organizer slides out so I don’t need to physically get inside deep the cabinet to reach something in the back.

Speaking of home organization, I also used these The Home Edit glass containers to store our dry goods like oatmeal, beans, and cereal. Removing the original packaging saved us a ton of room and everything looks more intentional and organized now.

I use these glass food containers to reduce our use of plastic and also avoid the kids’ lunches being microwaved in plastic at school.

The most gentle soaps for babies.

Drunk Elephant is coming out with a hair care line and I am anxiously waiting.

In case you missed it, in adoration of the little black dress.

Jane Fonda has been defying the norm for years and counting.

How to succeed in fashion according to Brandon Maxwell.

How to create a resumé people actually want to read.

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