The Sunday Edit // 8.4.19

The Sunday Edit_straight leg jeans with strappy nude heels stand bag Philly style blog

This week we were fighting fevers and tantrums but I’m happy to come out on the other side. For Philly locals, have you been to Piazza Pod Park yet? My friend and I took our kids (once everyone was feeling well) and had a great time. It’s different than anything else we’ve seen in the city. Check out this week’s Sunday Edit links below. I hope you have a wonderful week!

The Sunday Edit

Have you ever seen a blogger make an exaggerated claim about a sponsored product or service? It’s possible they were committing marketing fraud.

The cognac-colored lace-up flat sandals I always get compliments on.

Is this the only realistic makeover montage in movie history?

How to rise above office politics and gossip.

A black lace bralette for under $12.

Sometimes, a digital detox is necessary.

A lovely dark floral dress for the Summer and Fall. I’m already envisioning it with tall tan boots and delicate gold jewelry.

The make-up safety controversy no one is talking about-Consumers are demanding bigger and brighter eyeshadow palettes and brands are doing everything they can to deliver, even if it means bending the rules. “We are mostly concerned about the products being absorbed by the delicate, thin skin around the eyes as well as the products entering the eye and causing eye symptoms,” Dr. Silani says. He points out that the long-term impacts of both luminescent zinc sulfide (an ingredient often used in Halloween makeup and not recommended for eyes or everyday wear) and fluorescent colors need further research to be understood better — and ultimately deemed safe. Which means that every time you use a product with one of these banned ingredients you, in theory, risk both an immediate reaction and unknown issues in the future.” A must read!

An affordable pair of nude sandals.

Jessica Yellin says her life became easier when she stopped asking for permission.

How to manage your money as a couple without fighting.


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