The Sunday Edit // 8.18.19

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Happy Sunday! I’m currently writing this post from a cafe in Crete. I don’t think I’ve ever written  a blog post in a more gorgeous place. Julian and I packed our bags, said goodbye to the kids and left on Friday night. Leaving the kids was tough. I was close to either cancelling the trip altogether or booking two last minute tickets for them to join us. But we ultimately decided to go for it. We felt like we needed some time together and thought it would be good for them to have quality time with their grandparents (thank you, Grandparents!).

Although we had planned the trip a few months ago, it’s surreal to finally be here. Have you been to Crete? Comment below with any recommendations you may have. I’ll be posting photos and videos from our trip on Instagram. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s Sunday Edit links!

The Sunday Edit

I used this backpack for my carry-on our trip to Crete. I love that it has a zipper so I don’t need to keep checking to make sure nothing fell out. The two straps, felt easier on my back. I may never go back to a single strap bag when traveling.

How to actually forgive someone.

Is it possible to stop a mass shooting before it happens? This secret investigator known as the Savant looks as online hate groups to find the most violent men in the country and get ahead of shootings.

A starter’s guide to hosting. One hosting trick I’ve always kept in mind is to set the mood for laughter and friendship.

Season 3 of “The Crown” will return on November 17th with Olivia Colman playing Queen Elizabeth II.

How to shop vintage and still look modern.

Have you gone through your back to school list yet? For all the preschool moms and dads, we started using these zippered wet bags instead of plastic bags and they’ve been working out well. They’re washable, reusable and come in some cute prints.

Raising confident girls by watching what we say.

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