The Sunday Edit // 5.24.20


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Happy Sunday! This week we spent more time outside, even when it was raining. The kids put on their rain boots and rain jackets and we spent some time splashing around in puddles and seeing who could jump the highest. It was a really sweet moment. Truthfully, I had to pause a few times and think about what day it was. The days are starting to blend together so I’m trying to differentiate them as much as possible, whether that’s a walk outside or a special project.The past two months feel like a blur. I’m also trying to remember to take photos so we can look back one day and remember these everyday moments. I usually take plenty of photos regardless but now more than ever, I don’t want to forget this time in our lives when we were all home together. Have a wonderful week. <3

The Sunday Edit


The pandemic makes ‘grotesque’ gender inequality evident in household work. “Now that more couples are working from home, Schulte says, it’s impossible to ignore “the fact that women bear so much more of the burden of child care and housework.” What do you think? // NPR

My article was published on Hello Giggles! How to achieve the deconstructed curly girl look in 10 easy steps, according to experts. // Hello Giggles

How to support a new mom from far away. // Cup of Jo

The Crayola teamed up with a former MAC chemist to expand its range of skin-tone crayons. “While foundation ranges have come a long way, the beauty industry must be constantly innovating and pushing themselves creatively. What they can learn from the Colors of the World crayons is that the desire for inclusivity begins at a young age, and through adequate representation, children are able to feel confident, included, and important — just like an adult feels when they find their perfect shade at the beauty counter,” Casale says. “There is always more work to do, and Crayola has been a positive voice in this valuable discussion.”// Allure

So long, Summer. // The Cut 

What do we do with Summer Fridays now? // Man Repeller

No one really knew Jane Roe (of Roe v. Wade) and her shocking deathbed confession makes that clear. // The Cut

TikTok ruined strawberries by showing us the bugs that live inside them. Oh, 2020. // Refinery29


A cute mini dress for the Summer. // Urban Outfitters

These ankle boots look great with skinny jeans and they’re 40% off. // White House Black Market

The pajama pants I’ve been wearing night, and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, day. // Nordstrom

A beautiful floral dress from Reformation. // Reformation

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