The Sunday Edit // 5.17.20

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This is an old photo but I love this Reformation dress and can’t wait to wear it this Spring with some sandals. For now, I’ll settle for the barefoot quarantine look. Happy Sunday, friends. How are you? We’ve been ordering out from restaurants more, which has helped ease the mental load of cooking. On Thursday, we ordered the three for $25 option from Helm and it was delicious. Julian and I basically inhaled it because we had ten minutes to eat between the kids’ bedtime and a Zoom call. I included the link if you’re local to Philly. Make sure you get the fluke crudo!

My little brother turned 21 yesterday and although he wasn’t expecting to have this milestone birthday in quarantine, we tried to make the best of it. I’m so excited to celebrate in a real way once we can. It will take me some time to come to terms with the fact that he’s 21. I will forever view him as a little four-year-old.

Last week, we took the kids to Fairmount Park in Philadelphia and had a picnic. It is a huge park so there was plenty of space to find a secluded spot. As I was sitting on our blanket feeding Brody, I watched Julian and the kids run around as he taught them how to fly a kite. It was the first time in a long time that the kids were able to run around in an open space, surrounded by nature. Hopefully this was a preview of what’s to come this Summer. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. <3 Tanya

The Sunday Edit


HHS whistleblower Bright cites safety risks in questioning coronavirus vaccine timeline. // FiercePharma

How to update your apartment and still get your deposit back. // Coveteur

Fashion’s pivot to PPE production set the tone for more local production and collaboration. // Vogue Business

Questions for science during any downtime they might have. // The New Yorker

Do you follow Jessica Yellin on Instagram? She created the hashtag #newsnotnoise and posts daily news updates without the heavy slant seen in most media outlets. // Instagram

Philly blogger Deepika Subbiah and her husband, Michael Cicoria, just got married and their virtual wedding is featured on The New York Times. // The New York Times 

I have been really enjoying watching MasterClass videos while I’m feeding Brody. I’m currently watching Natalie Portman’s class and just finished Anna Wintour’s class on Creativity and Leadership. // MasterClass

Your quarantine etiquette questions answered, such as “how can I cancel virtual plans when I have nowhere to be and nothing to do?” // Man Repeller

In Europe, beauty professionals integrate safety with service by using thermos-canners, plexiglass and masks. // WWD


A sun dress if you’re thinking about taking a break from sweatpants (on sale). // Reformation

The perfect black cocktail dress when it’s time to go to parties again. // Revolve

A camel blazer for less than $35. It runs large so size down. // H&M

These pajama are so soft and comfortable. // Nordstrom

Beauty sponges on Amazon that are affordable. // Amazon

What a gorgeous dress. I love the square neckline. // Reformation

One of my favorite dresses is on sale. I bought it when I was pregnant and now I can finally wear it. Although now I just need somewhere to go. // Revolve

This white polka dot top is on sale. I love how it looks with light blue denim. // Macy’s


One thought on “The Sunday Edit // 5.17.20

  1. Gina Leahey says:

    I love MasterClass! Abby and I had fun watching short segments from Kelly Wearstler and Doris Kearns Goodwin. The course by David Sedaris is like a gift – so much of it is my favorite part of his book tours (talking about the process). I’ll have to check out Natalie Portman and of course Anna Wintour is on my list! MasterClass has been great, I’ve found it so important to replace most of my random internet browsing with content that teaches and inspires – which is why your blog is my favorite read!! 🙂

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