The Sunday Edit // 4.5.20 – COVID-19

the Sunday Edit covid-19 coronavirus

Happy Sunday. I’m no longer pregnant but I do like this outfit and realized that I didn’t post it yet. How are you? Really, how are you? As we enter week 4 of social distancing, I hope you’re staying healthy (and sane) at home. We have had our share of meltdowns recently, kids and grown-ups alike. It hasn’t been easy but I also appreciate how nice it is to have this time at home together, especially with our newborn. We were so over-scheduled as a family and no matter how much we tried to cut out activities, it never really worked. Although the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are scary across the board and I miss our family and friends, I’m thankful to have this time with Julian and our kids.

I’m also grateful to the physicians, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, grocery workers and other essential personnel putting themselves at risk to take care of others. Julian is one of those healthcare professionals.  Although i’m worried every time he goes to work, I’m thankful he has the personal protective equipment (PPE) he needs to help his patients and protect himself, for now. PPE is scarce and quickly running out across the nation. Here is how you can donate PPE to help hospitals fight the coronavirus. That includes N95 masks, surgical masks, protective gowns, face shields and hand sanitizer.

I hope everyone stays healthy at home and finds some time to relax with a cup of coffee and read the Sunday Edit links below. Unless you’re a parent. Then you’ll most likely be waiting until after bedtime and the coffee will switch to wine. 🙂 Some of these links are coronavirus-related and others are just a nice distraction. Have a wonderful week at home with your loved ones. <3

The Sunday Edit

The U.S. may get more ventilators for COVID-19 patients but could run out of medications needed to intubate someone. Vizient, a group purchasing organization, released data that shows “dramatic spikes in demand for sedatives, pain medications, paralytics and other drugs that are crucial for patients who are on ventilators.”

This vintage-looking t-shirt is a great addition to my quarantine collection.

Customers are spending on comfort as COVID-19 pandemic goes on.

Should we still be shopping? Part of me is hesitant to order anything nonessential right now because of the risk of coronavirus exposure and thinking about the workers processing and shipping these orders. On the other hand, are we supporting businesses who may not be able to survive a long closure in these uncertain economic times by ordering online? What do you think?

Eleven badass Ruth Bader Ginsburg quotes that will motivate you to fight harder for equality in a patriarchal society.

Retail stores and online retailers adjust their strategies in the wake of coronavirus. Retailers are concerned that e-commerce may not compensate for a drop in brick-and-mortar stores.

I didn’t think I would be into the SKIMS collection but I’m into this white tank top with a pair of sweatpants.

Summer Fridays just launched this lip balm and lip mask and it’s buttery smooth. I’ve been keeping it on my desk and applying it throughout the day to rid myself of dry lips.

Can you still donate and sell clothes during the coronavirus pandemic?

How to properly wear a face mask, according to a doctor.

I bought these drawing pads for the kids from Amazon and they’ve been loving having all of their artwork in one notebook. I told them it was a gift from Brody. 🙂

You guys loved this two-piece baby sweater set when I posted Brody wearing it last week.

I love the fit of these beige foldover sweatpants.

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