The Sunday Edit // 4.4.21

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The Sunday Edit

How are you? How are you feeling? My kids have been on Spring Break this week and we’ve been loving the downtime together. Brody turned one a few weeks ago so we had a mini celebration at home. J and I decided that once things feel safe again, we’re having a big party to celebrate him. Brody also started walking a few days ago! This week has been filled with highs and lows, very similar to when he was born right in the beginning of the pandemic.

On the low side, I’m really missing my grandparents. I keep thinking I need to plan a visit to Brooklyn so they can see the kids and then I realize I can’t. Whenever things are difficult, I turn back to writing, which helps me process everything. That and retail therapy, obviously. I made a few Spring wardrobe updates. Want to see them?

I signed up for an online writing class this month, which is giving me something major to look forward to. It’s funny how the older you get, the more you miss and appreciate school and learning new things. Happy Passover and Happy Easter to everyone celebrating. Have a wonderful Sunday! Tanya


Do you ever lose your temper with your kids and immediately regret it? We all do. Here is a healthy way to repair. // Cup of Jo

I saw a preview for The Father and knew immediately I had to see it, eventually. My grandpa suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and it hits too close right now. // Amazon Prime Video

How COVID can change your personality. // The New York Times

Have you listened to the podcast, Armchair Expert, yet? I recently listened to the one with Amy Poehler and hit subscribe immediately after. // Armchair Expert Podcast

In case you missed it, the blazer and jeans outfit I wear all year round. // Little Blank Diaries

Having dinner surrounded by literary legends sounds like a dream. Now, it can be a reality too. The Head and the Hand, a local bookstore in Philadelphia, is offering date nights so you can have the entire bookstore to yourself and your significant other to browse and have a romantic dinner. The booking includes complimentary wine or beer, a curated playlist and 15% off any purchases made at the end of the date. // The Head and the Hand

Retail Therapy

I finally found a good quality long trench coat and it’s on sale for less than $60. // Abercrombie

One thing I love and look forward to is wearing a new pajama short set to bed. It doesn’t have to be expensive (this set is on sale for $26) but it makes getting ready for bed feel so luxurious. The pair I linked from Honeydew feels soft and cozy; it’s my third set from the brand. // Nordstrom

I use this eyebrow pencil by Róen to fill in sparce areas and it looks so natural. // Róen 

The only mascara you need, seriously. I’ve been using this one for over a year now. // Sephora

No summer is complete without a chic straw hat. // Banana Republic

I just ordered these baby Adidas sneakers for Brody. I really can’t resist adorable baby shoes. // DSW

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