The Sunday Edit // 4.28.19

sunday edit topshop zebra dress studded boots

The Sunday Edit

This dress ($68) is available in another stunning print. The Zebra print is almost sold out.

How to tell if you suffer from emotional reasoning, especially when it’s contradictory.

These knit cropped pants are a great transitional item for Spring.

PJ and I were in coordinating outfits this week, her with a $14 dress and me with an $11 shirt from Primark.

A lovely dress for Spring in a beautiful color.

Some advice when you’re drowning in parenting advice.

Recovered ocean plastics find a new life.

How wellness is shaping the biggest Spring fashion trend.

Instagram is experimenting with hiding likes.

I’ve been obsessed with polka dots for a year now and this dress is not helping me move on.

The Jewish trumpeter who entertained Nazis to survive the Holocaust.

How complaining turns co-workers into friends.

Changing this one habit drastically improved this author’s stress and negativity.

Why is Instagram making people so miserable?

What is takes to put your phone away.

In case you missed it, a chic work outfit when you’re in a style rut.


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