The Sunday Edit // 3.8.20

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Happy Women’s Day! This weekend we had a kids birthday party, as we do almost every other weekend, and went to a college basketball game with the kids. My brother was home from college for Spring Break so it was fun having him around and serve as entertainment for the kids. 🙂 Have a great week! Keep scrolling for this week’s Sunday Edit links.

The Sunday Edit

What a useful trick for anxiety. “Brené Brown talks about ‘dress rehearsing tragedy’ and how it robs us of our joy. Once I became aware of it, I realized it stole joy away from my time with my kids. I would think: ‘I love her so much, I would be lost if something ever happened to her,’ or I would say, ‘Careful on that branch or you will break your arm…’ I have learned to turn my ‘what ifs’ around. What if she grows up healthy and confident and we stay friends our whole lives? Or what if she doesn’t fall and feels an amazing sense of accomplishment from climbing that tree?”

Danielle Bernstein just launched a collection with Macy’s and this is one of my favorite pieces.

An extra long charging cable for $11. I’m planning on using this at the hospital for those post-birth days.

Teens are using anti-aging skin products (yes you read that correctly).

How to wear checkered pants in three different ways. Side note, I also love the Fendi heels featured in this post.

The cutest baby wrapover bodysuits from H&M.

Reasons why this baby cries on an airplane.

In a coronavirus crisis, delivery workers can be a lifeline but some people are against the delivery service.

In addition to their new haircare line, Drunk Elephant has also created a body care line, available April 3rd.

Everything you need to know before booking eye lash extensions.

In case you missed it, chic and elevated places to buy maternity clothes.

These powerful women are changing the literary landscape.

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