The Sunday Edit // 3.17.19

the Sunday edit Best petite denim under 100

This weekend, my brother is home from college so we’re visiting my parents for some family time. Each time I visit my childhood home, which I still call my home, I instantly feel happiness, comfort and love. I always think about the girl I was when I lived there in high school and how similar and different I am now. In other words, I get really nostalgic in small doses and force myself to get back to present day. I hope you have a great weekend and relaxing Sunday!

The Sunday Edit

What’s your book type? “Back then, I used to gravitate toward stories I could easily find myself in — books where the protagonist was trying to find their (usually her) place in the world. Fiction or non-fiction, I wanted to see my life reflected on the page. Did the main character live in a big city? Did she feel lost? Did she have a terribly confused dating life? Did she perpetually try to make it on her own, a la Mary Tyler Moore? Sold.”

The first thing you should check in your hotel room to know it’s clean.

Five new swimsuit trends for different body types.

How to wear the most popular colors for Spring.

How to keep pre-workout anxiety from affecting your sweat session.

Do positive affirmations actually work?

I’ve been wearing these pajama pants as sweatpants and I have no regrets. They’re so soft and comfortable.

A perfect synopsis of Cruel Intentions. “It’s the closest the movie ever gets to really reckoning with the virgin/whore dichotomy it perpetuates between Kathryn and the other female characters, illustrating how Kathryn does whatever she can to exercise agency within the polite, patriarchal society that constrains her. When I rewatched the monologue as an adult, it struck a chord, because what closeted teenager hasn’t felt the need to play a role at some point, to suppress themselves and try to be the person their families expect them to be?”

Brain fog is a real thing and here is how to avoid it.

What to bring a new mom.

I’m currently waiting for these mules to go on sale.

A collaboration between Game of Thrones and Adidas is coming.

I’ll be trying this recipe ASAP: high-protein chocolate chip energy balls.

If you’re looking for a pair of clean, white sneakers, these are chic and affordable.

Four ways freelancers overspend and how to stop.

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  1. Hi my love. When u kids visit home we your parents feel so very happy! Your every visit brings wonderful memories from your childhood! Love you my loves my pride my everything! ❤️❤️❤️

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