The Sunday Edit // 2.9.20

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Happy Sunday! This weekend we have minimal plans and I am very happy about it. We have been doing art projects, reading books and playing outside, the best kind of weekend in my opinion. My parents are also visiting today and it has been really nice lounging at home all together. On another note, how fun is this t-shirt from Anine Bing? I hope you have a great week. Here are some Sunday morning links from around the internet.

The Sunday Edit

How chaos at chain pharmacies are putting patients at risk. A must-read! “The people least surprised by such mistakes are pharmacists working in some of the nation’s biggest retail chains.”

China is one of the largest consumer of plastics and they just announced a plan to ban all single-use plastic.

The culture of misogyny at Victoria’s Secret.

The 10 most popular recipes in January 2020.

A layered floral sweater dress from Free People.

A love letter to the ribbed midi sweater dress.

Millions of people follow Celeste Barber, myself included. Here’s why.

The perfect wedding guest party dress.

All 53 movies nominated for an Oscar this year.

This sweater dress from Sanctuary can be worn as a dress or a long cardigan.

The difference between dressing for yourself and dressing for your coworkers.

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