The Sunday Edit // 2.24.19

the Sunday edit Philadelphia mom blogger

Happy Sunday! We’ve all taken turns with a virus here over the past few weeks and this week it was my turn. I’m really looking forward to getting back to normal and catching up on everyday life. Happy birthday to my beautiful mother-in-law, Alina! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Keep scrolling for this week’s Sunday links.

The Sunday Edit

How to reset your body and mind on Sunday. One of my favorite tips: “a surefire way to a stressful Monday is by having a cluttered computer and work bag. To combat this, close out all tabs and notifications on your computer. Unsubscribe from annoying promo emails and delete unnecessary items from your downloads folder. Wipe down your screen and keyboard. Then, I challenge you to shut down your computer and have a computer-free rest of your Sunday — your emails can wait until tomorrow.”

We finished watching Sons of Anarchy and I’m still thinking about the last episode. Any recommendations for a new show before Game of Thrones comes back and takes up any free time I have?

A really fun date idea for book lovers.

What your hair stylist actually thinks about you and your haircut. I completely agree with this: “this guy was talking to his friend about his ex and he was like, “I really think I messed up, what do you think I should do?” And the friend was like, “Did she get a haircut?” And he was like, “How did you know?” And the friend said, “She’s over you.” It’s just a thing!”

Karl Lagerfeld’s career was unlike anyone else’s.

Meghan Donovan of the blog, wit & whimsy, wrote this beautiful article on being single in your 30s.

I’ve been looking for a waterproof makeup remover and think I may have found one. Glossier’s Milky Oil was just released and I’m really excited to try it based on my experience with the Milky Jelly Cleanser.

I’m still obsessed with this dress from Topshop.

A good silk pillowcase, which is supposed to be great for curly hair, doesn’t have to be expensive.

In case you missed it, my latest post on self-care being more than just a bubble bath.

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