The Sunday Edit // 12.30.18

The Sunday edit and other stories plaid coat with sequin dress

It’s the last Sunday Edit in 2018! The first Sunday Edit was posted in September and fourteen weeks later, it’s going strong thanks to your feedback and engagement. So THANK YOU for supporting this blog and following along!

Perry has been home from school for winter break so this past week has been filled with family time. I’ve also actively been trying to replace my midnight Instagram scrolling with more reading. It takes me so long now to finish a book because I usually start with half an hour of mindlessly browsing through Instagram and then switch over to my book for ten minutes before falling asleep.

What do you guys have planned for New Years Eve? Do you usually go out and stay in? I’m looking forward to staying home, playing board games and drinking plenty of champagne. Here are this week’s links!

The Sunday Edit

Instead of going on a diet in 2019, try this.

Drink wine and play with fire at this new candle-making spot in Philly.

Aaron Sorkin brings ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ to the broadway stage.

The January Challenge at Barre3 starts January 7th. Join here! I started taking Barre3 class this summer and recently became a member. Although it’s not always easy to get myself motivated to go, I try to go three times a week. I always feel so good both physically and mentally after each workout so it keeps me going.

The most hyped beauty products from 2018, from the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask to jade rollers.

I’m still obsessed with this leopard mini dress.

After Pittsburgh shooting, Jewish synagogues vow to keep helping refugees.

These mesh fishnet tights from Zara are perfect for New Year’s Eve. I also really like these.

In case you missed it, a day at the Dior exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The 50 best restaurants in Philadelphia and one of my personal favorites is number one.

Philadelphia Style: Rachel Brosnahan on becoming a household name.

The most chic sequin dress for New Year’s Eve.

The coziest pajamas with a really cute print, currently 40% off.

Hair & make-up: Victoria Roggio Beauty // Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art // Photography: Alex Ashman

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