The Sunday Edit // 12.2.18


Happy Sunday! I’m writing this post from the Dominican Republic! The trip was unplanned and completely last minute but I’m so happy to be here. The day before we left was insane as we were packing and getting the kids ready for an international flight. At the time, I wondered if we were insane but now that the getting ready part is over, I can say it was totally worth it.

We promised each other we would continue to travel once we had kids and here we are. I can’t say it’s easy and there are plenty of unpredictable moments and challenges to overcome but I’m so glad we’re making it work.  It is incredibly fun and meaningful exploring the world together as a family. I hope your week is happy, stress-free, and warm! Enjoy this week’s Sunday Edit!

The Sunday Edit

How long is too long to pause your career for motherhood? “Regardless of how long you paused or are considering pausing for, remember that the career you spent time building is valuable and important. Your pause is simply part of your story and your path, and each amount of time is different from woman to woman. When you are ready for re-entry, be confident, speak confidently about your abilities, your skills, your story, and be specific about what you are looking for and how you can contribute.” I left my job as a Pharmacist in August (a job I really valued and enjoyed) and this article was so many things I needed to hear.

Fifteen books by Jewish authors to read this Hanukkah.

Seven conscious techniques for working through your fears.

A chic and cozy sweater for the winter by one of my favorite brands.

Vogue’s interview with Victoria’s Secret CMO, Ed Razek on being “nobody’s Third Love“. I’ve posted about this before on my Instagram stories and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Razek commented on the show intentionally excluding plus size and transgender models because they don’t align with their vision of selling a “fantasy.” Personally, I think this is wrong on so many levels and it makes me want to shop at Third Love.

My next project is to print some of the photos I’ve been storing on my phone and computer into photo books and maybe even some portraits to hang up around the house. There are thousands of photos. Wish me luck! I’m planning on using this site. Have you used it?

This author let her colleagues dress her for a week and things got…weird.

My favorite color for winter and some pleats to go along with it.

I’m obsessed with this coat but do I really need a leopard coat? I feel like it will be an eclectic addition to any outfit. Thoughts?

As someone who has spent hours taming frizz and straightening my jewish curls, I loved this article on Byrdie on accepting your hair and some tips on how to keep curly hair healthy. My favorite line: “natural curls have always been a symbol of empowerment and self-love, but the mainstream is starting to recognize that fact more and more. Why try so hard to change the way you look when what you already have is so beautiful?” Taking note!

I’m finally trying Vintner’s Daughter after seeing some of my favorite bloggers use it. Have you tried it? I’ll report back in a few weeks!

Yes, you absolutely should wear sequins during the holidays! I consider a sequin skirt and a sequin blazer holiday basics. The Joie blazer is 25% off.

Marisa Tomei knows what she’s worth-a frank conversation on money, beauty and sticking with work you love.

This boatneck grey sweater dress with a slit is one of my Winter wardrobe necessities.



2 thoughts on “The Sunday Edit // 12.2.18

  1. Leopard coat? I think it’s too much. If you want something leopard I suggest sweater, blouse or shoes. I just ordered leopard boots. Sequins blazer?! Maybe sparkly? Love grey sweater dress.
    Love you❤️😘❤️😘

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