The Sunday Edit // 12.16.18

art museum steps in December Philly

The holidays are in full effect! I love this time of the year and how generally happy and merry everyone is. This weekend we’re going to see the tree at Dilworth Park. My brother is home from school so I’m excited to explore some of my favorite parts of Philly with him. Below is the holiday installment of The Sunday Edit where you will find some great holiday finds, books I’m reading and links of the week. Wishing you all the best week ahead!

The Sunday Edit

Is screen time bad for kids’ brains? A study looks into the link between screens, behavior and development. “What scientists want to learn is whether screen time, at some threshold, causes any measurable differences in adolescent brain structure or function, and whether those differences are meaningful. Do they cause attention deficits, mood problems, or delays in reading or problem-solving ability?”

I finally watched the pilot for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and I’m of course, obsessed. Immediately after, I had to know everything about Rachel Brosnahan so I turned to Google. Here is a great piece from The New York Times. Plus, if you love The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you’ll love these books.

The most chic bodysuit that would look amazing with a midi skirt.

The next book I’m reading: Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom. Have you read it?

I’ve cried at work and other things I wish women would talk about.

The most important moments for women this year.

A pleated leopard skirt. I’m having a leopard moment.

We just got Perry this 4-in-1 puzzle set and she loves them! We sometimes work on them before bed instead of a book (or in addition to a book if I’m being swindled).

How amazing are these flared sequin pants from Zara? I love how they look with a cozy sweater.

Why Netflix spent a fortune to save Friends.

Nostalgia is the biggest fashion trend of 2018. I believe it. I certainly can’t let go of the 90s.

Surviving the holiday season when you’re overstressed.

The best movies of 2018. Do you agree?

This coat from Amazon’s J.Crew Mercantile line is 50% off.

Hair & make-up: Victoria Roggio Beauty // Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art // Photography: Alex Ashman

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