The Sunday Edit // 11.10.19

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Welcome to The Sunday Edit! It’s hard to believe we’re in November already. Thanksgiving is around the corner and Hanukkah will be here before we know it. Since my toddlers don’t read my blog yet, I can share that we’re thinking about getting them this play kitchen from Target for Hanukkah. It’s the rustic kitchen of my dreams, farmhouse sink and subway tile included. Keep reading for more favorite links from around the web.

The Sunday Edit

Sephora’s holiday bonus event is here, which means I can finally check out with everything I’ve been stock piling in my cart over the past few months.

I’m still very much into this plaid coat, which looks surprisingly chic with leggings and a pair of sneakers. It’s also currently 25% off. I’ve been wearing it with a pink beanie since the temperatures dropped.

Have you read the children’s book, Be Kind? It’s one of our favorites and helps shed light into what exactly qualifies as “being kind.”

Rachel Brosnahan wishes everyone would stop judging her character, Midge Maisel’s, beauty routine.

What quotes do you love? ““When Oprah interviewed Michelle Obama, Oprah asked how Michelle got over feeling intimidated sitting at big tables filled with smart, powerful men and Michelle said, ‘You realize pretty quickly that a lot of them aren’t that smart.’ I think about that quote every single day.”

I just bought this digital clock for the kids so they know that we don’t get out of bed before 7am. J and I made an exception and said they can come to our bed when the first number is 6, but not before then. 🙂

Mothers whose kids are grown share the biggest regrets from their early parenting days. This one almost made me tear up a bit. Then I had to put down the phone to address a toddler meltdown.

Do you strike up conversations in the bathroom? On a serious note, I think I have solidified most of my work friendships in a bathroom.

What age gap do your kids have? Mine are 19 months apart and I love that they always have a friend close in age to play with.

‘Being careful’ won’t prevent revenge porn. “The leaked photos are revenge porn, which is both a form of interpersonal abuse and a crime in California and Washington, D.C. Other than vague references to a “violation,” Pelosi hasn’t acknowledged that fact. Instead, she speaks as if Hill were somehow responsible for some part of what happened to her — that she erred by taking the photos at all. The logic is not substantively different from arguments that urge women to dress modestly, or to avoid certain bars or neighborhoods, if they want to avoid harassment or assault.It’s terrible, the scold says, but why wasn’t she more careful? Care is not the problem. Care is not a defense against malice. In the second Hill story, there is only one villain, and it’s whoever leaked her photos.”

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