The Sunday Edit // 9.23.18


It’s currently 11:42pm and I’m finalizing tomorrow’s post for The Sunday Edit, a new series I thought would be fun to include on Street Style Philosophy. You may recall that a similar idea was previously known as Monday Morning Links, however Mondays are busy and Sundays are for catching up on reading so I decided to rebrand a bit. The Sunday Edit will continue to be a weekly collection of articles and other things currently on my radar (interesting articles, sales, and other good reads around the web). So here it is, some “easy like Sunday morning” reading material to start your day as you’re sipping on your morning coffee. Enjoy!

The Sunday Edit

Is addiction to Instagram ruining your skin? Blue light from your phone may be the culprit.

A cozy, off-the-shoulder ivory sweater, on sale.

This is the age when your self-esteem peaks.

A satin set of pajamas with a fun print and a soft set for colder Fall nights.

Vampire facials may have exposed customers to HIV.

I’ve been into reading classic literature lately and started reading Anna Karenina. Have you read it? Speaking of reading, my Fall reading list is up on the blog. What are you reading next?

Why Parabens are so bad for you and the environment.

I just bought this de-puffing eye gel from Sephora and love the tingling feeling I get right when I put it on. I plan on using it for a few weeks and reporting back here.

I’ve been making some delicious recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, It’s All Easy. One of my favorites is the grilled squid and white bean salad. We’ve had it twice for dinner in a two-week period. I’m not really interested in making any dinner recipes that take longer than 30 minutes and this cookbook has some great options to meet that criteria.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! What do you think about this type of post? Should I make it a reoccurring weekly thing? 

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