The Sunday Edit // 1.5.20

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Happy New Year and welcome 2020! The kids are back in school and feeling better as we get back into our normal everyday life. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and feeling great. We had a tough few weeks with croup and a stomach virus making its way through our house but thankfully everyone is feeling good (crossing my fingers that this lasts and currently washing everyone’s hands compulsively). Here are some Sunday Edit links that caught my eye:

The Sunday Edit

Can a new Google AI detect breast cancer faster than a doctor?

In case you missed it, clean/non-toxic lipstick minus the lead.

Researchers tried to test ‘abortion reversal’ and three women wound up in the hospital. “Doctors are being forced to offer an unproven, unethical, and now demonstrably unsafe medical procedure to their patients to serve a political agenda — one that purports to be “pro-life.” And once again, women are seen as collateral damage in an ideological war over what happens to their bodies.” I can’t believe this is real.

Is everyone except for you on vacation right now?

What does 2019’s bad retail news mean for 2020?

Greta Gerwig on filmmaking and motherhood.

How will we remember 2010s fashion?

I love these two-piece sweater sets, some of which are from H&M and Zara.

The twelve best books of 2020 so far. Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid is next on my list.

How to get “Little Women” style without looking like an extra in a period piece.

Tiffani Thiessen talks about her iconic characters and their wardrobes.

How to master mirror work to level up your self-love practice. “Research of neural activity supports the hypothesis that speaking positive affirmations can have a positive effect on self-perception. So it makes sense, then, that adding a mirror into the mix would only elevate the practice. Theories rooted in psychology and neuroscience also point to mirrors aiding in self-development, shifting the way you see yourself, and grounding you in your body.”

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