The Sunday Edit // 1.27.19

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Happy Sunday! This week we had our parent-teacher conference at Perry’s preschool. I love hearing about what she does during the day and her overall experience. I also had the chance to catch up with good friends. A lot of our friends live in North Jersey so it’s so nice to have some quality time together. Have you been to The Love in Philly? It’s one of the main places I recommend to friends and readers visiting Philly. Enjoy this week’s Sunday Edit and have a wonderful week!

The Sunday Edit

Nine non-toxic nail polish shades you can feel good about wearing this winter. “As a result of the fear factor that’s been circulating since at least 2010, when The New York Times ran a piece about growing concern over health risks in the nail-polish industry, many nail-care brands have successfully eliminated the three most potentially harmful, red-flag chemicals from their formulas: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP, for short), and toluene. These additives have long been used in traditional polishes to help the color better adhere to the nail, but there’s now significant research indicating their status as serious health risks.”

Eight weird signs you’re finally growing up.

How to make your recipes look amazing.

Are you into Teddy Coats? This one is gorgeous.

Could the 10-year challenge be putting your data at risk? “It’s possible age progression recognition technology would be used in health care and health insurance assessments. That may sound beneficial, but writing in Wired, O’Neill pointed out, “For example, if you seem to be aging faster than your cohorts, perhaps you’re not a very good insurance risk. You may pay more or be denied coverage.” It seems light-hearted but be careful before you post information about yourself that could be used against you.

Six Super Bowl party outfits that are effortlessly cool.

A tiered tulle skirt that is nearly identical to the one I wore here.

Ten transparent bags for when you have nothing to hide. I recently posted this one, which can be transparent or not.

Once centers of Soviet propaganda, Moscow’s libraries are having a revival, including the Fyodor Dostoevsky Library. “Until recently, that culture seemed doomed to become a relic of the analog past. After Russia’s rocky transition from Communism and the rise of the Internet, there seemed little use for the more than 400 city libraries as public spaces fell into neglect and Russians found new sources of information. Unexpectedly, Moscow’s libraries are now experiencing a transformation from musty houses of Soviet propaganda into bustling work spaces for 21st century city-dwellers.”

In case you missed it, a winter outfit using summer clothes.

Which Fyre Festival documentary should you watch?

A surgeon reflects on death, life and the incredible gift of organ transplant. “But I’ll never forget that interaction and most that I’ve had with the donors: They hung on every word. … They wanted to know about the recipients. It truly was this beautiful legacy of their loved one, often who has died unexpectedly, sometimes a young person, and it gives them this positive thing to hold onto in this otherwise terrible time.”

For outfit details, see this post


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