The Sunday Edit // 1.12.20

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The Sunday Edit

All about Larry David’s fashion theory and I kind of like it.

What you need to know about Whole30.

In case you missed it, my clean skincare picks for the Winter.

I love this dress from The Great for the summer. The one warm day we had in Philly yesterday has me thinking about the Summer already.

This is such a cute pajama top.

My 15 most worn items in the past few months.

These women organized a protest outside of Harvey Weinstein’s long-anticipated trial.

This comfortable Winter trend comes back every year.

Gen Z consumers have unique online behavior and brands are rethinking their social media marketing strategies.

These tiny love stories are lovely, especially A Space in the Storm.

These vintage-looking cable leggings look so cozy.

The Women’s March tried to repair the damage from a year of shrinking crowds, anti-Semitism allegations and power struggles with a new board to get the movement back in the right direction.

What if everyone had their own Larry David? Love this video, especially the ending!

Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres January 19th! Are you watching it?

The future of fashion technology in 2020.

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