Slip dress

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One Slip Dress, Two Pairs of Boots

If there is one item in my closet I have fully embraced in my thirties, it’s the slip dress. I recently styled it with combat boots and although it was slightly out of my comfort zone, I loved the look. It’s the most minimal item of clothing that can be styled in endless ways. I bought this slip dress/sweater combination from AllSaints and was immediately drawn to the neutral tones and the fact that it came with a sweater. Finally, a slip dress and sweater combination that you know will be perfect together without needing to worry about coordinating length, shape, or color. I loved this dress so much I ordered it in the dark green color too. It’s called the Tierney 2-in-1 dress and the roll neck sweater version is currently on sale (see below). I included a few store links because it is often sold out so keep an eye out.

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Slip Dress With a Sweater on Top

Slip dresses are another remnant from the 90s that have made their way back and they’re not going anywhere. They’re sultry…sexy…minimal…and perfectly adaptable. Layering a sweater is such an easy to way to turn one of my favorite dresses into a year-round item.


How to Wear a Slip Dress in Real Life

Remember when slip dresses were worn under dresses instead of just by themselves? They’re slinky, they’re flirty..but what if you’re not necessarily going for that type of vibe? I’m breaking down all the potential outfit possibilities with this little black slip dress.