Vacation Essentials: St. Thomas


The Kertsman Family recently embarked on a much needed and much anticipated vacation. As this year has been full of changes (new dog followed shortly after by a new baby!) J and I decided we needed to get away as a family, somewhere easy and beachy, where we could celebrate our new status as a trio (puppy stayed home!).

We decided on St. Thomas because the weather was nice, the flight wouldn’t be too long, and it was somewhere we had not been before. We thought it would be a great place to bring our baby girl to create beautiful memories for our first family vacation. It was Perry’s first time at the beach and although she was hesitant when we first dipped her feet in the ocean, she quickly got used to the water and loved it! I really enjoyed watching her splash around and discover sand for the first time.

I normally use our vacations as an opportunity to put together my very own, one-woman fashion show but this time, I committed to packing light, at least when it came to my own clothes. Perry’s wardrobe was a different story. We had so much baby gear to pack and I was sharing a suitcase with Perry, so I needed to have a more minimalistic approach. Thankfully, her clothes are tiny! With that said, there are a few things that I always take with me on beach vacations. Below are some items that comprise my quintessential vacation packing list!

Killer maxi: With its easy breezy material and vibrant pattern, this look feels carefree and luxurious but still retains its casual vibe, therefore being perfect for a beach vacation.

Panama Hat: I instantly get into vacation mode when I wear my panama hat. It’s light, offers great sun protection, and is the perfect place to put your bathing suits in when packing to save room.

Sunglasses: When traveling with an infant, sleep is not guaranteed. A large pair of sunglasses hides any evidence of a sleepless night and makes you look instantly put together.

Beach pants: I find these pants to be ultra glamorous, especially when worn with a big floppy hat.

Bold Bikini: Bring a bikini with a playful pattern or bold color like this vermilion shade, which makes for instantly beautiful selfies in paradise.

Plain white t-shirt: What’s not to like about a plain white t-shirt? Dress it down with shorts and a pair of Keds or up with a beautiful necklace, skinny jeans and heels.

Hot Pink Lipstick: I love bright lipstick. When I don’t feel like getting dressed and venturing out into the outside world, I put on my trusty shade, Candy Yum Yum, and instantly feel put together. Any shade works as long as it’s bright! Plus, it looks amazing with a tan.

Espadrille Wedges: If I could bring only one pair of shoes with me on vacation, it would be these beautiful wedges. They add the perfect height for a woman of short stature like myself, yet are so comfortable that I can walk in them all day without sacrificing glamour.

Beach Tote: This will be in about 90% of the photos you take so it needs to be bold. Opt for a vibrant pattern that stands out and plays up any neutrals.

Sexy Skirt: A maxi with a deep slit is everything you need to add an instant wow factor to your look. These skirts look great with flats or heels and can be worn as a swimsuit cover-up or as a stand alone outfit with a tank top or crop top.

Layering tank: I wear this type of top often to work and because anything in my closet is fair game for any occasion, I like to take it with me on vacation to wear with skinny jeans or denim shorts for an overall effortless look.

White skinny jeans: White skinny jeans make you look instantly polished and are a staple for any summer wardrobe. Perry had her own pair, naturally, which she wore with a nautical striped top. 🙂

Tank dress: Plain tank dresses are wonderful because they can easily be dressed down with sneakers or up with heels and a moto jacket.

Nude sandals: I love a good pair of gladiator sandal but they are nearly impossible to put on when you are 1. pregnant or 2. taking care of a baby. These flat sandals are easy to slip on and work for lounging by the pool or heading out for brunch. When you’re one pair of shoes away from zipping your suitcase closed, doing double duty is ideal.

What are some classic items that you always take with you on vacation?

Thanks for reading! xo, Tanya



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