My Picks for the Shopbop Sale!

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The Shopbop spring sale is here! I like to save pricier items in my favorites on the Shopbop App or website throughout the year and wait to purchase until this sale comes around. I’m really excited to start wearing rompers and dresses, especially anything with a floral print so I included my top picks above. As much as I love my maternity dresses, i’m looking forward to being able to fit into my regular clothes again (whenever that time comes).

I love the cold shoulder look of this dress and the open back design of this romper. The basic idea of clothing never really changes from season to season. We’ll always have jeans, skirts, sweaters, etc but small changes in a hem line, a silhouette, or a pattern can lead to major differences in the overall look and feel of an outfit. To me, that is the most exciting part of a new collection being rolled out.

Use code EVENT17 to get 20% off on orders under $500 and 25% off on orders $500 or more. Comment below and let us know what you have your eye on! You can click on the numbers above to get to the exact items included in the collage or click on the images below. I also included some honorable mentions that i’m currently craving.

On a side note, i’m learning how to use Photoshop and have spent hours figuring out the most simple things. I’ve found myself getting frustrated on many occasions but now that I have the basics down (and have a long way to go), it’s actually somewhat exciting to learn something new on your own. Although I have to give a big thank you to my high school BFF, Jane, for being extremely patient and willing to help while I asked her complicated questions like how to create a border. Thanks, girl!! xo, Tanya

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