No, I’m Not Having Twins…and Other Strange Comments I heard Throughout My Pregnancy

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Throughout my pregnancy, I started to notice how warm and friendly most people in Philly were. While on most days, people tend to keep to themselves and focus on their next destination, I found myself walking down the street and having conversations with random strangers about my due date, whether I was having a boy or a girl and other pregnancy-related questions. There’s something about a pregnant woman that makes people want to drop what they’re doing and chat, which makes for some interesting conversations and a great way to meet people.

At times, the conversation got…weird. While you can’t take these things too seriously, some comments are so awkward that they’re worth mentioning and laughing about. What is it about a baby bump that inspires overly personal questions? Here are 10 of the strangest things I heard while expecting.

“Girl, you are about to pop!”

Really? I’ve spent the last 9 months wondering how it will all go down so if you have some sort of intuition that it’s about to happen, do tell. Also, the extra 25 pounds or so I gained makes me hypersensitive about all the changes my body is going through so please don’t tell me how huge I am.

“I feel so bad for you”

Don’t feel bad for me. I want this more than anything I’ve ever wanted. Also, please don’t stare at my feet while i’m waiting in line at Target and tell me how swollen they are. I’m aware and there’s not much I can do about it.

“You’re not about to give birth are you?”

I’m definitely not planning on it. When I was 6 months pregnant, I was on a business trip for work and had just sat down on the airplane with an empty seat next to me. A few minutes later, a fellow passenger sat down next to me. This was the very first thing he said to me. It was slightly funny and I knew he was just trying to make conversation but at the same time I thought to myself, of course i’m not planning on giving birth. I’m only 6 months along and about to fly to another state, far away from my husband, my doctor, and my hospital.  However, if I do go into labor, you will be the very first person to know.

“Are you having twins? Are you sure there’s just one baby in there?”

I received this question so many times while I was pregnant I lost track. At about 6 months, I started carrying a few weeks larger than normal so many people thought I was having twins. At one point, I started second guessing myself too. Maybe I was having twins and my doctor kept missing it on ultrasounds? Regardless, no woman wants a daily reminder of how huge she looks. Not being able to see her feet every morning in the shower is enough of a reminder.

“Was it planned?”

At 28 years old, I’ve mastered the concept of birth control. Also, why does it matter anyway if I got drunk and busy with my significant other or took an ovulation test for the past 6 months? Whether it was planned or not, it’s happening. 🙂

“How long were you trying?”

Along with asking how long someone has been off birth control, this is as personal as it gets. A couple may have been having fertility troubles for years before they got pregnant and some people are more willing than others to share their struggles. I would avoid this question at all costs unless someone starts volunteering the information on their own.

“You’re not going to eat/drink that are you?”

One of the first things an OB/GYN goes over with their patient is dietary restrictions to keep in mind while pregnant. Asking this question implies that you’re questioning her ability to make a wise decision. Whether it’s sushi, coffee, a turkey sandwich from Wawa or a sip of red wine, everyone has their own opinion and it’s ultimately up to the future parents to decide what their comfort level will be. Also, avoid judging and making assumptions. If you see a pregnant woman holding a venti coffee-like drink at Starbucks, it could be decaf, non-caffeinated tea or her once-a-day caffeine fix. No judgement.

“Are you going to quit your job when the baby comes?”

There’s no easy option when it comes to child care for a newborn and most new moms feel guilty regardless of which option they choose. I can’t help but think that asking this question sets women back by a hundred years. The assumption here is that a woman should immediately quit her job if a baby is in the picture and she can’t possibly work and raise a child at the same time. Whether you’re a working mama or a stay-at-home mama, both scenarios are equally challenging and ultimately, it’s a personal decision. Unless you’re a close friend or family member, avoid asking loaded questions like these that can make a woman feel as though she’s somehow doing something wrong.

“Enjoy your life while you still can!”

I know, this ball and chain is about to arrive and change everything! Actually, I want a baby. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life so I’m ready for my life to change. Pregnancy and the subsequent child or children that come immediately after is an emotional time with a lot of changes for a woman and her husband. She knows that her life is about to drastically change so reminders about not being able to fit into skinny jeans, lack of sleep, travel restrictions and zero alone time are unnecessary.

“Can I touch your belly?”

Unless you’re a close relative or friend, this is extremely awkward for most pregnant woman. I had random strangers try to touch my belly when I was pregnant and my fight or flight instincts were immediately initiated, which allowed me to quickly take a giant step back to create an imaginary barrier. It is a huge encroachment on someone’s personal space. However, you do get points for asking first.

For all the mamas out there, what is the strangest/funniest thing someone said to you while pregnant? 

4 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Having Twins…and Other Strange Comments I heard Throughout My Pregnancy

  1. What a great post!! I agree that Philly is weirdly chatty with pregnant women! I couldn’t go a block without a comment. Also people loved to tell me I was having a boy based on how “wide” I was. Even a homeless guy said ITS A BOY as I walked by. I also was told I waddled. Isn’t it nice to be anonymous again? Except now everyone will ask how old is she and what’s her name and are you breastfeeding and does she sleep through the night? I sense another post coming soon from you!

    • Thanks, Gina! So glad you liked it! That’s a really good one. I was always being told that I’m having a boy based on the way I carried. Haha, yep there may be a part two. People ask if you’re breastfeeding? That’s so personal!

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