My 10-Minute Hair Routine When I Need To Get Ready Quickly


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For someone who has curly hair, getting ready requires advanced and strategic planning. I often look at my calendar and plan out when I need to straighten my hair so it lasts the longest and covers all events for the week. I need time to blow dry, straighten, and then re-curl my hair into loose frizz-free waves. That’s right, I straighten my hair so that I can eventually…recurl it. As a mom of two and one on the way, taking my time getting ready is quickly becoming less and less realistic. Lately, I’ve been embracing my curly hair, thanks to a 10-minute hair routine that has taken me all of my teenage and adult life to perfect.

Between blogger gifts and my Birchbox subscription, I’ve tested out a lot of products on my hair but I keep coming back to OUAI. OUAI products restore strength and shine in your hair and help achieve that effortless, everyday look that we all want. Leaving my hair curly requires the right products that are actually effective. Using the two products mentioned below, the final look feels more natural and more like myself. When my hair looks good, I feel more put-together and can focus on everything else I need to get done without constantly messing with my hair.

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Yesterday, it seemed like I was back to back with activities and commitments. From early morning preschool drop-off to swim class and phone calls in between, the day was packed, as I’m sure most moms and dads can relate. After coming back from swim class, I made a quick dinner for the kids (also known as warming up leftovers from the day before) while Julian gave them a bath. Our babysitter arrived just in time as I rushed upstairs to get ready for a 6pm holiday party. I had an idea of what I was going to wear, which makes things infinitely easier. Obviously, it involved a slip dress.

My hair usually takes the most time but using the hair routine below, I was downstairs and ready to go with minimal stress. We even got to the party ten minutes early and had time to stop by one of our favorite restaurants, Suraya, for pre-party drinks (hummus for me). I hope this hair routine helps you get ready quickly so you have one less thing to worry about and also have more time for hummus in your life. We all deserve that.

My 10-Minute Hair Routine

♥ Wash hair the night before or early in the morning to save time. I’m always changing up my shampoo and conditioner but lately I’ve been using the OUAI Curl Shampoo and Repair Conditioner. Both are half-off right now at Sephora.

♥ While hair is wet, brush hair to remove all knots and run OUAI Hair Oil through, starting from the end and working your way up. Use one to three drops throughout wet hair. By the time you reach your scalp, you should have minimal product in your hands to avoid a greasy look.

♥ Air-dry your hair while binging The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or my newest obsession, The Morning Show.

♥ This is where the 10-minute hair routine comes in. Once your hair is dry, it’s ready to style. Use the Curling Wand (I use the 1”-1.5”) to put waves in random section of your hair. It’s less than $25 on Amazon so you don’t need to feel guilty for buying yet another hair tool. My hair air-dries curly but with plenty of frizz while sticking out in all different directions. The curling wand helps smooth out the frizz while giving the curls shape. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, it will still create nice waves in your hair. For curly girls, your curls will become less frizzy and more defined.

♥ Use the thicker part of the barrel for looser curls. If you use the smaller diameter side, the curls will be more tightly wound. If needed, add a pea-sized amount of hair oil to further smooth everything out. Continue wrapping random but small pieces of hair around the wand, holding each piece for 5-10 seconds.

♥ If you like the look of everything curled, leave it as is. If you were aiming for looser waves, run a hair straightener quickly through your hair, using larger pieces. This will help slightly flatten out the more tightly wound pieces.

♥ Use the OUAI Wave Spray for a finishing touch. Hold the spray about eight to ten inches away from your hair to enhance your waves and create an undone look. Bonus, it smells amazing!

That’s it! My go-to hair routine for busy mornings previously consisted of slathering gel throughout my hair and putting it in a low bun. After experimenting for the past few months, but really most of my life since middle school, I’ve finally narrowed down a hair routine that is quick and effective. I would love to see your results if you try this out! What do you think about the OUAI hair care line?

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