Monday Morning Links


Happy Monday! This week i’ll be continuing to enjoy maternity leave and spending time with the kiddos. The past few weeks have been a mix of something wonderful and sheer chaos since our son, Dylan, was born in April. I plan on writing a post on his birth story (and Perry’s) but can’t bring myself to put it all into words. I think I need some time and perspective to fully grasp everything that has happened. We’re still in the middle of it all.  In the meantime, below are some Monday morning links and things i’ve been meaning to share with you. Hope everyone has a great week! <3 Tanya

How to be fluent in fashion week jargon.

Biggest July 4th festivals and block parties in Philly.

Beautiful article on the love story between Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.

Recent purchases include this black and white dress (shocker), this off the shoulder top (it’s all about the shoulders), and this ruffle dress.

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat.

Many large Instagram accounts are getting some heat now because they have a fake following and use bots to inflate their Instagram egos. I found this fascinating. When you see a blogger with 400,000 followers, it gives a sense of legitimacy to their brand. If part of that is fake, it’s a major letdown and unfair to people who don’t use bots and are slowly but surely growing their community.

I’ve been wearing these mules on repeat and every single time, a girl has asked me where I got them.

My signature perfume has always been Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana but I recently decided to switch it up and try this one by Diptyque. I think it has a sexier scent so I save it for special occasions, like date nights. 🙂

My favorite hand cream. I like to get the travel size and keep it in my make-up bag.


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