Monday Morning Links


This Monday morning I am grateful to be able to get up in the morning and go to a job that I enjoy and with people I respect and love working with. I know a lot of people are annoyed about going to work on Monday Morning but I try to tell myself that i’m lucky to have a career and a job that I worked hard for. My education provided me with a means to support myself and I will forever be grateful for that. Ok, motivational rant is over!

On to Monday morning links to read on your train ride to work or to chat about with friends and co-workers!

This article on how to be present from one of my favorite blogs resonated with me. I sometimes feel like i’m jumping from one task to the next. This is top of mind for me right now.

Current items in my cart include this coat from J.Crew (30% off) and this trapeze dress from Express (less than $50 and all sizes currently available).

Allure’s editor, Michelle Lee, announced that the magazine would no longer use the term “anti-aging.” The fight against getting older has been the foundation of the beauty industry for generations and an ongoing topic in women’s media. This is a major change in the way beauty is perceived.

Has anyone watched Narcos? J and I just started it.

A lot of my friends ask me for work shoe recommendations. These nude pumps by Charles David, these black suede pumps by Sam Edelman, and these black leather heels by Banana Republic are my favorite.

I love this illustration and lately have been repeating the mantra in my mind.

I’m reading this book now by the comedian, Whitney Cummings. I realized that I haven’t read one book in the past three months and as an avid reader, that is incredibly disappointing to me! Reading and writing are two of my favorite things to do in life so I decided i’m going to devote 20 minute before bed doing one or the other each night. Is there something you need to do on a daily basis to keep yourself sane?

I hope everyone has a great week ahead! xo, Tanya




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