Happy Valentine's Day


The New Yorker published some Valentine’s Day poems for married people. They’re definitely satirical and a bit dark but some of the points hit home. Below is one of my favorite and the rest can be found here. This poem really made me laugh. Like most parents, we had many preconceived notions about how we were going to raise Perry. There are certain things we feel strongly about, like making sure she gets dirty outside and gets her feet in the sand instead of being inside all day checking her Facebook. Then there are others that don’t quite work out like you planned, for instance not giving a pacifier before she was 4-6 weeks old (we gave in at 3.5 weeks and it was a wonderful thing). Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! xo, Tanya

When we have children,
They will watch no television.
No screens.
We will be different from those other parents,
And we will take pride in our being better.
Fast-forward seven years,
And it’s Sunday morning,
Do you know who our friend is?
SpongeBob SquarePants, that’s who.
And, yes, you can have Mentos for breakfast.

(Cartoon by The New Yorker.)

P.S. I love you, J. I feel thankful everyday that we found each other and have our precious, PJ. <3

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