From LaptopsAndHeels to StreetStylePhilosophy

I started LaptopsAndheels in 2013 while working in the pharmaceutical industry as a way to show that women in the corporate world can be intelligent and ambitious while still remaining feminine and creative. I often saw women trying to blend in and not focus too much on their clothes because they didn’t want to appear like they cared too much about their appearance. I think some people are afraid of fashion and unsure of where to start. I always believed that professional women could look put together and stylish without having to turn to overly masculine clothes.

LaptopsAndHeels served as a source of inspiration for getting dressed in the morning. Getting ready for work isn’t about quickly finding something to wear in the next 10 minutes. It’s finding something that represents who you are at that moment in time and feeling confident. I wanted to provide a source of daily outfit inspiration to make getting dressed in the morning the easiest part of the day.

The idea of having a creative outlet fueled by all that inspires me has always been exciting and challenging. It has given me incredible joy, wonder, happiness, vulnerability and a chance to keep learning and stepping outside of my comfort zone. StreetStylePhilosophy is the next step. I’m in a different place in my life than I was a few years ago and the evolution of this blog is a direct reflection of that.

StreetStylePhilosophy is for the girl who is femme, playful, glamorous, and entrepreneurial when she needs to be and relaxed, bohemian, effortless and obsessed with her family in her off-duty time. At all times, she is intelligent, confidant, curious and always learning and discovering something new about the world. StreetStylePhilosophy is a way to connect with other readers and make you feel like you’re having a cup of coffee at Sunday brunch with your best friends.

My goal has always been to create original and relatable content to connect with readers who are going through the same things I am, whether it’s building a career, nurturing a family or expressing their personal style. That will never change. I hope the blog inspires you to pursue your dreams with the childlike innocence that we often lose as adults.

You can read more about me and my journey here.

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