Flattering Reformation Pieces + Extended Sizing

Flattering reformation dresses spring extended sizingFlattering reformation dresses spring extended sizingPhiladelphia style blogger Philly style blog Philly fashion tanya kertsmanFlattering reformation dresses spring extended sizing
It’s no secret that I love the sustainable clothing brand, Reformation, and consider it one of my favorite retailers for flattering dresses, jeans and the occasional jumpsuit. In the past, i’ve posted some of my favorite dresses and received feedback that you appreciated the curated selection. So here is round two!

Reformation dresses have that cool girl vintage vibe, are ultra-feminine, and are ethical. My wardrobe certainly does not consist of 100% sustainable fashion. However, I’m working on it and it doesn’t hurt to have a brand that offers some chic options.

petite and extended sizing

In addition to including petite sizing, Reformation also recently introduced permanent extended sizing.The founder and CEO of Reformation, Yael Aflalo, said that her “biggest dream is to bring sustainable fashion to everyone.” Aflalo also said, “we want all women to be able to wear our clothes and feel good about it” according to fashionista.com. I love that. I’m all for dressing your body type and appreciate that there are progressively more brands that include a range of sizes in their collections. Eighteen of the best-selling styles are now available in sizes 1X-3X and 12-24, with new pieces being added on a monthly basis.

I sometimes post outfits on the blog and receive feedback that these looks are only for thin girls or “I could never wear that.” Recently, I compiled the best petite denim jeans for under $100 because I always have trouble finding jeans that fit me without overpowering my frame. I never want my clothes to wear me and know how it feels to just not feel comfortable in what you’re wearing because it doesn’t suit your body type. This is an issue for anyone that doesn’t always fall within traditional sizing. My goal is for everyone to find clothes that fit them well so they can feel good and not have to constantly adjust themselves or feel self-conscious.

Reformation is one brand you can turn to for flattering pieces in a range of sizes, that include both petite, straight and extended sizing. I can personally attest to the petite sizing and feel that the denim and dresses fit really well. As hard as it is to find mom jeans that actually fit, Reformation has some wonderful options. Have you tried the extending sizing yet? I’d love to hear your feedback.

flattering Reformation dresses, jeans and tops

Reformation clothes are available at thereformation.com and at Nordstrom. Scroll below for flattering dresses, jeans, and tops for Spring. Which ones are your favorite? I may or may not be eyeing the white lace dress below.

what to wear spring summer outfits date night reformation what to wear spring summer outfits date night reformation Philadelphia style blogger Philly style blog Philly fashion tanya kertsman Philadelphia style blogger Philly style blog Philly fashion tanya kertsman Flattering reformation pieces spring extended sizing

Outfit details: Dress: Reformation (long sleeve version here) // Boots: Lulu’s

Original Sizing

Extended Sizing


Location: Philadelphia // Photography: Alex Ashman

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