Elevated Basics That Aren’t Boring

Hello! It’s been a while but it feels so nice to write again. I’ve been posting on social media here and there but there’s something different about a blog post. So much has happened these past few months (years?). How are you? I’ve been home with Brody and thinking about next steps once he starts school. I feel so grateful to be able to have this time with him. I look back at old photos and see (or more accurately, cry) that he’s changing on a daily basis. He just started standing up on his own via his signature surf board balancing move and it’s one of the most adorable things he’s ever done in his 11 months of being in this world.

As much as I love staying at home with him, I sometimes miss the working woman version of myself. This blog is my way of having both. I’m excited to start posting again and connecting with you all. I know there are plenty of things to read on the internet so thank you for clicking your way over here. I missed you!

Elevated basics that aren’t boring

Back to the focus of this post, I’ve been thinking about how my style has evolved during quarantine and the pieces I love the most. Many of the items in my closet are black, cream, or camel colored with the main difference being a subtle detail or cutout. Maybe it’s an open back sweater with a delicate tie or square toe boots. Maybe it’s straight leg jeans with just the right fit (see number 11 below!). These are elevated basics that aren’t boring. I know a lot of us are working from home but I’ve been trying to replace my daily sweatpants with clothes that are still minimal effort but have some interest to them. Many of the pieces below are from a brand I recently discovered, The Line by K, which is all about “basics that aren’t basic”  with easy and elegant pieces.

Think your jeans and a tank top look but with quality material and an interesting cut. Even their white t-shirt is unique with a wrap around tie accent. One of my favorite outfits is the blue jeans below with a white t-shirt and a camel coat on top. These are the Vintage Slim High Ankle Jeans from H&M ($30). I finally found straight leg jeans that aren’t too long, too tight, too lose, too expensive, and too wrong. Below, I’ve gathered my favorite elevated basics, chosen based on their quality, fit, price, comfort level and whether they have that interesting factor that makes a piece stand out amongst its counterparts. You can click on an item directly or shop the post below.

If you like this list and want to see more, leave a comment below. I truly enjoy the process of scouring the internet and creating curated roundups. Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Elevated Basics That Aren’t Boring

  1. So happy to see this post! I uninstalled most social media apps on my phone so I have been in need of updates! Can’t believe Brody is standing!! Buying jeans online is such a nightmare but at that price the H&M ones are worth a shot. 🙂

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