Baby Girl Arrives in September…

mara hoffman maxi dress rebecca minkoff gladiator sandals madewell boho bag DSC_2727 mara hoffman maxi dress rebecca minkoff gladiator sandals madewell boho bag DSC_2732 DSC_2721 DSC_2729 DSC_2725

My Outfit Details: Dress: Mara Hoffman via Revolve Clothing | Sandals: Rebecca Minkoff | Handbag: Madewell | Lipstick: Turkish Delight by NARS

We’re having a baby!! J and I are having a baby girl, due in September!! We’re both so so happy and to be honest, it feels very surreal sometimes. We’re so excited to be a mama and papa to our precious daughter and I can’t wait to see what an amazing dad J will be. 🙂

We asked the ultrasound technician to write down the baby’s sex and seal it in an envelope because we wanted it to be more of a private moment between the two of us. We took a walk to the park and opened up the envelope to see girl written in pink cursive letters. As we were surrounded by children in the playground laughing and running around, I immediately started crying. Suddenly, everything felt so real. I probably looked like such a goofball in the car with a huge smile on my face while driving to work. We can’t wait to meet our little girl in a few months and shower her with love.

Thanks for all of your sweet comments and I can promise I read every single one of them. It means so much to me to have your support. I can’t wait to post all my pregnancy style photos and the challenges of fitting my bump into my existing wardrobe. I’m trying to avoid buying a lot of maternity clothes because I dislike the idea of buying clothes that I can only wear for a short period of time. So far I bought one pair of black maternity jeans (I can’t go without my black jeans) and have gradually been stretching out most of my dresses. Stay tuned. 🙂 In the beginning of my pregnancy, my friend Maya sent me some belly bands (thanks Maichka!), which were life savers and allowed me to wear my regular jeans for as long as possible.

I’m so excited to share this new chapter in our lives with you guys. If anyone has any advice on what worked for them during their pregnancy, please share in the comments below! xo, Tanya

10 thoughts on “Baby Girl Arrives in September…

  1. Congratulations to you and Julz!!! So exited for you guys and can’t wait to meet your little girl!!! You’re going to be the best mama and Julz will be the best daddy! Love you guys. Glad the belly bands helped for some time.

  2. Congrats love!!! What an exciting time this is for both of us right now!!!!! Enjoy pregnancy and u look gorgeous as usual! 🙂

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