6 Tips to Always Look Stylish


I’ve wanted to write a post on how to always look stylish for a while now because the number one comment I get when I say I have a style blog is “oh, I wish I could look put-together but I never know what to wear.” Or girls will ask me to go shopping with them so I can create a wardrobe for them, which obviously I’m always happy to do. 🙂 My answer is always that anyone can look stylish by being true to themselves and keeping some tips in mind.

A lot of people have an idea of how they want to look or a certain vibe they want to portray but they’re disappointed because they’re not sure how to achieve that look. Inevitably, they get frustrated and end up going back to their same old items or worse, buying items that do not coincide with the look they are hoping to attain.



My first tip is figure out how you want to look and use the tips below to get there. Then, go through your closet and purge! Eliminate anything that does not coincide with the look you’re going for. It will be so difficult but worth it once you see the end result. Donate or throw out anything that you haven’t worn in over a year. I do this twice a year and it takes an entire day but I feel so good after everything is done. It makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier and I love that my clothes are going to someone who will get additional use out of them.

I’ve come up with some ideas of what works best to achieve that effortless, chic look everyone craves.  Here are some tips on how to always look stylish (and comfortable) so you can get to where you need to be without worrying about wearing the wrong thing. There are days when I’m not feeling particularly stylish but I really on these tips to keep things simple but still look chic.

IMG_how-to-always-look-stylish-zara-plaid-checkered-blazer-ripped-skinny-jeans-madewell-nude-tote-chic-sunglasses IMG_how-to-always-look-stylish-zara-plaid-checkered-blazer-ripped-skinny-jeans-madewell-nude-tote-chic-sunglasses

Balance proportions

Make sure to balance fitted versus loose items. A great way to elevate your look is to keep one piece casual and relaxed and the other piece fitted. If you’re wearing something more loose as a top then balance it out by wearing pants that are more tailored and fitted. The same goes the other way. Too much fabric can be overwhelming and a too-tight outfit just doesn’t work. Side note, if you’re going with a jeans and a t-shirt look, do a side tuck with your shirt to define your waist and add a little dimension. Every outfit requires some kind of balance so play around with your wardrobe to get that ideal combination.

Invest in great denim

It’s no secret that I love my denim. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it does need to fit you perfectly. In fact, my current favorite pair of jeans is these Topshop Sidney jeans that I bought for $37. I also love these high-rise skinny jeans from Topshop that are on sale for $35. I tend to gravitate towards skinny jeans but I’m also loving the recent straight leg jean trend. If you’re looking for that one pair of jeans that you can wear all the time and always look stylish, I recommend buying these. They’re $75, have the best fit and the jeans I have worn most often to work. Even in a business casual office environment, you can get away with black denim.

Layer with a blazer

Adding layers to your look will always make you look more chic and make it all come together. I added this plaid blazer to my outfit to incorporate some texture and pattern to my outfit. It’s great for work outfits and perfect for transforming outfits from day to night. If I have a blog event after work, I’ll typically wear a variation of this outfit since it’s both work and after-hours appropriate. Pairing this blazer with grey denim, pumps and a white bodysuit creates an easy and classic look. It can be a denim jacket, kimono, leather jacket, or a long cardigan/duster. This outfit is applicable whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home mom and really any non-uniform setting. Even if you add a blazer to boyfriend jeans, the third piece gives a more refined look.

Balance dressier items with casual pieces

I love a good high-low ensemble. Play around with the pieces in your closet and mix casual pieces with glam alternatives. Pair dressier pieces with more casual items, like this blazer/ripped denim combination. It instantly feels more polished because you’re mixing items from different levels. It also makes the final outfit look more interesting and fun. This is why a fitted midi dress looks so good with a pair of keds.  I also like to wear a pair of jeans with high heels or if I’m wearing a sequined blazer, then I’ll wear a plain tank top underneath. I may wear a really basic white t-shirt with some blue jeans but I’ll add a pair of heels to create that wow-factor.

Try a new trend

I love testing out new trends, especially when it comes to the blog, but I also want to maintain my classic style. My secret to wearing the latest new styles is to mix them in with my more traditional silhouettes. In this instance, plaid blazers have been on trend so I added this Zara blazer to my go-to skinny jeans and basic top look. The blazer is more fashion-forward than the rest of the outfit but it’s balanced out by more basic pieces. The key is to stick to one trend at a time and mix it in with pieces that you normally wear. It creates a more understated and effortless look. The last thing you want to do is wear too many trendy pieces all together that ultimately makes your outfit lose focus.


Ah, sunglasses-my secret weapon. I have always worn really cheap sunglasses that I buy on the street for $5 because I tend to loose them or break them. Last year, I decided to invest in a nice paid of sunglasses and after much research, I ended up going with these Celine glasses. When I’m being lazy about dressing myself, which is most days I work from home, I put my hair into a low bun, throw these babies on and look like I may even have gotten a full night’s rest. It’s the perfect solution for parents everywhere! Sunglasses give you that edgier, moodier look and add some attitude to any look.

IMG_philly-blogger-street-style-philosophy-russian-jewish-blogger-nude-tote-work-bag-madewell-old-city-philadelphia IMG_how-to-always-look-stylish-zara-plaid-checkered-blazer-ripped-skinny-jeans-madewell-nude-tote-chic-sunglasses
IMG_mother-ripped-skinny-grey-jeans-oversized-blazer-street-style-philosophyOutfit details: Bodysuit: Privacy Please via Revolve I Blazer: Zara (very similar here) Denim: Mother via Revolve I Heels: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Bag: Madewell Sunglasses: Celine

In general, I think it’s helpful to have an eye for what looks expensive but isn’t. When you shop, ask yourself if you will love something a year from now. If not, then don’t buy it. When in doubt, if you’re looking for that effortless, chic look, go monochromatic and wear one color, like black, grey or white. You can wear one solid color and mix up the textures to create that easy, polished look.

Find your favorites and have a few reliable outfits in your closet that you an always depend on to help you feel great. As I was writing this post, I thought it would also be helpful to write another article on building a classic wardrobe and what to keep in your closet vs throw out. Would you guys be interested in reading that? Comment below! As always, thanks so much for reading! xo, Tanya

Photos by Lauren Herwig 

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