The Sunday Edit // 7.25.21

I had such a fun weekend with the family. We went to Mood’s Farm Market again, which is our recently discovered pandemic activity that we just can’t quit. We picked our own fruit (blackberries, nectarines, plums), saw some of the largest sunflowers I have ever seen in my life, and just enjoyed being outside in […]

Little Blank Diaries The Sunday Edit

The Sunday Edit // 7.11.21

We had a pretty uneventful weekend and I was loving it. Other than play dates, pool time and rediscovering Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, by Judy Blume, the weekend was spent relaxing with the family. Just how I like it. Have a great week! Links around the web below. The Sunday Edit Articles // […]

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Philadelphia style Tanya Kertsman cider dress

The Sunday Edit // 7.4.21

Happy Independence Day! I feel so grateful to be in this country and often think about how different life would be in my birth country, Ukraine, if my parents never immigrated to the United States. I consider it their greatest gift to my brother and me. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating the […]

Father's Day Philly

The Sunday Edit // 6.20.21

  Hello! We spent the weekend picking blueberries and raspberries at a local farm and playing outside. This is my new favorite photo of the kids. I love how the boys are concentrating on what they’re doing and Perry is looking up at me with her sweet smile. I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s […]

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The Book I Can’t Stop Thinking About

I recently finished reading a book that I still can’t stop thinking about. From the beginning, I was hooked and looked forward to going to bed early so I could read just a few more pages.

Things That Bring Me Joy While Social Distancing 2_1500

The Sunday Edit // 5.30.21

    Hello! How are you? Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I’m very much late to the game on this but i’ve been staying up late every day this week watching Arrested Development. I can’t believe I never watched it when it was originally on. Have you seen it? I almost wish I didn’t discover it […]